Fantasy Football League Rules


  • Draft order is determined based on previous year finishing place.  This is just like it’s done in the NFL.  The team that wins the league drafts last the following year.  The team that finished last drafts first the following year.
  • Over the past fours years we’ve had 2-3 new teams each year.  When that happens, new teams will draft before existing teams.  This is to balance the advantage that existing teams have with the ability to keep players from the year before.


  • Each manager is allowed to keep up to 2 players from the previous year.  Each keeper replaces your draft spot in one round.
  • If you keep one player, that player replaces your first round pick.  If you keep two, those players replace your first and second round picks.
  • The limit for keepers will be 2 years.  This means you are allowed to keep a player for two more years after the year you originally drafted the player. 
  • After two years, the player will return to the pool of draft picks.
  • If you pick the same player again, you are eligible to keep that player another 2 years.
  • The 2009-2010 season was the first year we allowed keepers.


  • Mimicking the NFL draft, we will NOT use a snaking draft order.  In my opinion, this can setup some teams for success and others for failure from the beginning.   Like the NFL, we'll strive for parity year to year.
  • Just to clarify a little more: if you finished last last year (and there aren't any new teams), you will get the 1st pick of every round.  If you finished first last year, you will get the last pick in every round.

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