Thursday, April 19, 2012

Draft 2012

Just one week and a handful of hours until the 2012 NFL Draft.  I've really enjoyed them the last few years as Detroit has been doing a great job getting talent and meeting needs.

All five analysts at  have predicted the same first five pick which pretty much guarantees that those will NOT be the first five players taken.  Two of the three have the Lions taking offensive tackle Mike Adams with the 23rd pick.  If that happens, I'll be pretty happy.  I think that with the talent left at that spot, and the troublesome cornerbacks that we should pass on, he would be a great possible replacment for Jeff Backus in a year or two.

I'll also be very interested in seeing where Michigan State's Jerel Worthy and Kirk Cousins end up going.  I think Cousins would be a nice pick for the Lions in one of the later rounds if he's still available.  Not sure if he has the physical skills for the NFL or not but he definitely has the leadership skills to excel.

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